Setting Strategies

Setting Strategies

Positively impact your business performance by implementing focused customer satisfaction improvement strategies.

Customer Satisfaction UK work with clients to coordinate their businesses in a holistic manner, taking into account every separate part of the organisation.

  • Using feedback from customer and employee surveys, we measure performance and develop a full strategic plan.
  • As an objective facilitator, Customer Satisfaction UK works from the top of the organisation down, confirming the extent of quantifiable business goals.
  • We help clients to understand relationships between individual department activities, subsidiary goals and ultimate targets of the business; in turn educating their employees.
  • We work with clients to increase their impact and value by creating a collaborative workforce, aligned towards a common goal.
  • Departments across companies are often operating independently in a disparate manner – we help each part of the business to see the direct linkage between their activities and the business goals.
  • Strategies are carefully designed to deliver cost effective improvements across organisations.

Below, please find some examples of strategic exercises Customer Satisfaction UK offers its clients.

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Exploiting Internal Knowledge

Make use of the valuable information available from within your business.

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Evaluating Customer Base

Examine and understand your customers in great detail.

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Due Diligence

If you are planning and acquisition or a merger, we can help to ensure its success.

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Net Promoter Score

Find out what percentage of your customers would recommend your company.

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