Redesign Process

Redesign Process

Customer feedback gathered through customer satisfaction surveys may suggest challenges within the customer experience.

Issues typically encountered can include:

  • Customers find it difficult to place an order with you
  • Customers can’t find the appropriate information about products and services
  • Customers find that their Account Manager doesn’t understand their business, or sees them only occasionally.
  • Communications from across your business are inconsistent and confusing for the customer.
  • Help desk staff do not respond quickly enough to customers’ critical issues

As an objective 3rd party, Customer Satisfaction UK can facilitate effective redesigns – a fresh pair of eyes for your business.

We ensure that redesigns of internal processes:

  • Offer customers a superior experience – positioning your company as their preferred supplier.
  • Engage staff members – allow them to take ownership and deliver high quality customer service.
  • Are cost effective – ensuring maximum benefit to the business.

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