How We Work

How We Work

Consult - Evaluate - Improve

Improving customer satisfaction is a fundamental goal of any business, especially as global business standards evolve.
Outstanding service is now a vital requirement for sustainable competitive advantage.
Customer Satisfaction UK work with clients over a three stage process to translate customer feedback into direct improvements for their business.

We Consult

  • We work closely with company executives to develop a strong working relationship, identifying needs and clarifying business goals.
  • We highly tailor our service to the unique requirements of each business.
  • Expert consultants develop bespoke customer satisfaction resources (e.g. surveys, questionnaires etc.)
  • We help clients to see the ultimate value in customer satisfaction as a powerful competitive tool.

We Evaluate

  • Across a range of survey methods (telephone, online, face-to-face) we collect reliable, high quality feedback from customers.
  • We isolate the key business elements impacting clients’ main goals and focus on these to ensure relevant results.
  • Our analysts present a practical action plan to educate clients about their customers and drive business forward.

We Improve

  • We work with management to turn feedback gathered into direct business related action.
  • We actively make change happen – embedding new processes and practices into the business.
  • We deliver valuable benefits such as increased revenue, customer retention, company reputation and reducing costs.
  • Ultimately, we increase customer satisfaction, which in turn impacts company performance and stimulates success.


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