Planning and Executing Surveys

Planning and Executing Surveys

Customer Satisfaction UK work with clients to collect customer feedback through a variety of survey modes.

We work collaboratively to ensure the perfect balance of appropriate methods for each individual client and their customer base, as each method has its own specific advantages.

To find out which is the best survey method for your company call us on +44 (0)1332 845845 to discuss your requirements.

Online Surveys

Monitor and track satisfaction across large numbers of customers.

Best for: Monitoring day to day performance and tracking over time.

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Face to Face Interviews

Gain valuable qualitative insights into customers’ thoughts, experiences and perceptions.

Best for: When major business decisions are pending.

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Paper Surveys

  • Traditional postal surveys are still relevant to certain customer groups e.g. the elderly.
  • Useful for when internet access is limited.
  • Paper surveys can still be appropriate in workplace situations e.g. employee surveys in group meetings.

Telephone Surveys

Rapidly collect detailed feedback from a thorough cross-section of customers.

Best for: Dynamic marketplaces, with constantly changing customer opinions.

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Mystery Shopper

Evaluate and test service levels of the customer experience.

Best for: Assessing levels of compliance and staff performance.

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