Exploiting Internal Knowledge

Exploiting Internal Knowledge

Businesses often neglect to exploit the valuable information available within their organisations. When linked with data from customer satisfaction surveys, this information can provide focused, cost effective performance insights and improvements.

Customer Satisfaction UK can provide the resources and expertise to help clients to look inwards into their business and analyse the data found there.

VALUE SEGMENTATION: Gain insight about the management of individual accounts from different sources (e.g. accounts, marketing, support etc.) This data can help to identify ways to exploit the value of different accounts.

STRATEGIC VALUE: Understand how and why certain accounts have a value that is disproportionate to the margin/revenue generated. (e.g. industry pioneers, high profile accounts etc.)

ADVOCATES AND INFLUENCERS: Recognise individuals within an organisation and companies within an industry who may have an impact on external purchasing decisions.

SHARE OF WALLET: Quantify and evaluate the amount of a customer’s total expenditure that your business captures with its products/services – reveals latent potential to be exploited.

PURCHASING CYCLE:Identify and analyse customer purchasing cycles (e.g.) driven by product service life, technological innovations etc.) to improve account management, marketing communications and sales initiatives.

COST OF SERVICE: Examine how your business could provide different levels of service (and cost) to differing levels of customers. (e.g. high value customers require a greater proportion of resources from your business.)

Customer Satisfaction UK helps your business by cutting through the noise and analysing both customer and employee data – ultimately bringing you the greatest return on investment, maximised revenue and profit.

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