Evaluating Customer Base

Evaluating Customer Base

Neglecting any part of your customer base can lead to lost sales, dissatisfied or disengaged customers turning to your competitors and generally negative word of mouth surrounding your business.

At Customer Satisfaction UK we collect feedback from every level of the customer base, ensuring that all needs are understood and satisfied with targeted action plans.

Our objective approach helps clients to deliver tangible benefits to their businesses, such as maximising sales per customer, increasing customer retention and winning bids more often.

PASSIVE CUSTOMERS: Full customer base appraisals can reveal this unexploited potential and identify cost effective tactics to secure the loyalty of inactive customers.

LOST CUSTOMERS: We help clients investigate why their company has lost customers; Customer Satisfaction UK’s objective role encourages honest responses regarding products, services and relationships. We also propose future strategies for retaining customers based on our findings.

FAILED BIDS: Evaluate failed bids and tenders, determine your strengths and weaknesses and identify actions for future success.

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