Employee Alignment

Employee Alignment

All staff members in an organisation need to be on the same wavelength as customers – in terms of their attitudes, skills and values.

Employees who are in touch with customer needs can engage closely with them, building long-term, profitable relationships and driving commercial benefits for your business.

Customer Satisfaction UK help clients to achieve this employee alignment through a series of highly customisable exercises tailored to your specific needs.

We can help you to...

SURVEY ALIGNMENT: Identify mismatches between your customers and your employees as well as amongst your employees (e.g. inconsistencies across departments or levels of seniority in your business). Customer Satisfaction UK provide you with practical improvement actions to increase alignment.

SURVEY INTERNAL SATISFACTION: Measuring employee satisfaction can complement customer satisfaction data and provides a holistic view of the relationship between your staff and customer base.

MAP THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY: This can be useful as an objective overview to identify inefficiencies, confusions and conflict.

RE-ENGINEER THE SATISFACTION PROCESS: Focus workflow upon customer engagement – dismantle barriers and eliminate conflicting priorities.

RE-TRAIN STAFF: Across the organisation, from senior management down, encourage customer empathy and promote a profitable culture of customer satisfaction.

REWARD SCHEMES: Develop effective recognition schemes which drive improved customer satisfaction.

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