Additional Services

Additional Services

As well as our 4 core services, Customer Satisfaction UK provide a number of specialist additional services designed to add value to any customer satisfaction programme.

CUSTOMER BASE EVALUATION - Examine customer churn, customer loss and customer retention – understand why your customers are leaving and find out how to keep them. Read more

CUSTOMER-BASE DUE-DILIGENCE - Investigate the customer base prior to or immediately after any merger or acquisition. Confirm the quality, size and value, build an action plan to preserve strengths and eliminate weaknesses. Read more

FAILED BID EVALUATIONS - Objectively examine what you do wrong and take action to increase successes.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - Build a dedicated workforce, collectively committed to consistent business goals.

PARTNER RELATIONSHIPS - Explore professional relationships and discover techniques for mutual benefit.

INTERNAL SUPPLIER SURVEYS - Investigate and improve relationships with key suppliers.

NET PROMOTER SCORE - Calculate your NPS – exploit strengths and avoid weaknesses. Read more

HELP DESK AND SUPPORT - Focus on this critical service element – support customer needs cost-effectively.

KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT - Understand and build closer relationships between account managers and customers.

EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT - Create strong emotional links and build trust with your customers.

MAPPING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - Map key points along the service chain or customer journey – highlight conflict and take action to resolve problems.

ISO 9001 QUALITY ACCREDITATION - Satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001 – maximise genuine impact on business – monitor customer perceptions.

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