Many organisations find it difficult to transform customer feedback into tangible benefits, despite successful customer and employee surveys.

The most fundamental challenge in this situation is motivating your staff members to genuinely change their ways of working, adopting new values and skills.

Using a systematic process, Customer Satisfaction UK work with clients to ensure they get the maximum practical benefits from their customer satisfaction programmes.

Our Systematic Process:

  • We help you to understand your customers’ needs and experiences through analysing a wide range of data – our high quality customer surveys provide essential feedback.
  • We rapidly deliver practical action plans, maintaining momentum and interest in the customer satisfaction programme.
  • We work closely with your leadership team to ensure actions are relevant to your business.
  • We help communicate these actions to staff through workshops and training sessions; building understanding and creating a united workforce.
  • We monitor the impact of actions, ensuring maximum commercial impact for your business.


High levels of customer engagement don’t just happen. They are the result of consistent, considered actions, all aimed at building closer relationships with your customers.

So the key question becomes ‘What actions are going to be most effective in making you your customers first choice of supplier?’

…and the answer is…? Find out what are the best actions you can take right now to improve your business. Call us today on +44 (0)1332 845845 to find out how Customer Satisfaction UK can help.

Know Your Customer

Gather reliable, objective insights into your customers’ need experiences and opinions.

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Redesign Processes

Make practical changes to business processes to provide a better customer experience.

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Make Change Happen

Understand how to create genuine change within your organisation.

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Embed Customer Satisfaction

Secure customer satisfaction at the heart of your organisation as part of its culture.

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