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We teach how improving customer experience creates a happier more efficient working environment and improves financial performance. Through our unique 3 stage process, we provide a deep and detailed insight into your customer base.


We are experts in customer satisfaction improvement. We provide a consultancy-led service, tailored to your company’s specific needs, ranging from straightforward customer feedback surveys to comprehensive business strategy development plans.


Using data gathered from sources such as telephone/face-to-face/online surveys, our expert team of experienced analyst evaluate your business in extensive detail.


Together, with this analysis, we can improve the success of your business, delivering tangible benefits. The calibre of our client list demonstrates the quality of our services – successful international businesses with extremely high standards.


Our practical approach helps you to increase the success of your business through improvements in:

  • REVENUE - Selling more services valued by customers, winning new customers more easily
  • REDUCED COSTS - Maximising services valued by customers, minimising those which are not.
  • RETENTION - Increased customer retention
  • REPUTATION - Improved reputation in the market place
  • RECOMMENDATIONS - Your customers are more willing to recommend you to others


Our Core Services

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Our Core Services

Additional Services

Due Diligence - Evaluate the critical resource in any merger or acquisition – Confirm the quality and size of the customer base – Assess their true value.

Mapping the Customer Experience - Map touch points along the service chain - Highlight confusion and conflict.

Marketing Analytics – We evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and determine the statistically significant drivers of customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation - Satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001 - Maximise genuine impact on your business.

Net Promoter Score - Calculate your NPS – Exploit its strengths – Avoid its weaknesses.

Help Desk Support - Focus on this critical element of your service.

Emotional Engagement - Create emotional engagement with your customers - Build stronger links and closer collaboration.

Failed Bid Evaluations - Objectively find out what you do wrong – Take actions to increase your success rate.

Employee Engagement - Build a dedicated workforce, collectively committed to satisfying the needs of your customers.