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Setting Targets

Setting Targets

Lay the foundations for success by embedding shared goals throughout your organisation.

Customer Satisfaction UK work with clients to ensure a single minded business with consistent targets and goals across the organisation.

  • Organisations are often confused about their business objectives – even amongst senior teams, there is frequently little shared commitment to goals.
  • Communications surrounding business objectives and values can become distorted and misunderstood as they filter down through the organisation – conflict may arise if staff substitute their own personal goals in place of the ultimate business aims.
  • Customer Satisfaction UK work with management teams to ensure a consensus about straightforward business goals.
  • Through employee surveys, we can measure the extent to which these goals are shared and understood across the business.
  • By helping clients to create relevant subsidiary goals and measurement criteria, the business remains consistent with overall aims, but is more in touch with its operational activities.
  • We develop a bespoke strategic programme, embedding goals and targets throughout the company.
  • Below, please find some examples of strategic exercises Customer Satisfaction UK offers its clients.

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    Due Diligence

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    Net Promoter Score

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